Behind Deep Blue

On May 11, 1997, as millions worldwide watched a stunning victory unfold on television, a machine shocked the chess world by defeating the defending world champion, Garry Kasparov. Written by the man who started the adventure, Behind Deep Blue reveals the inside story of what happened behind the scenes at the two historic Deep Blue vs. Kasparov matches. This is also the story behind the quest to create the mother of all chess machines. The book unveils how a modest student project eventually produced a multimillion dollar supercomputer, from the development of the scientific ideas through technical setbacks, rivalry in the race to develop the ultimate chess machine, and wild controversies to the final triumph over the world’s greatest human player.

Feng-Hsiung Hsu
Behind Deep Blue : Building the Computer that Defeated the World Chess Champion
Princeton University Press (September 16, 2002)
ISBN: 0691090653

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Chess Notation
  • CHAPTER 1: Prologue: Show Time!
  • CHAPTER 2: Carnegie Mellon: An Office of Troublemakers
  • CHAPTER 3: Taking the Plunge
  • CHAPTER 4: The Chess Machine That Wasn’t
  • CHAPTER 5: The Race for First Machine Grandmaster
  • CHAPTER 6: “Knock, Knock. Who’s There?”
  • CHAPTER 7: Intermezzo: First Date with History
  • CHAPTER 8: IBM: We Need a New Name
  • CHAPTER 9: Bringing up the Baby
  • CHAPTER 10: A Living Mount Everest
  • CHAPTER 11: Retooling
  • CHAPTER 12: The Holy Grail
  • CHAPTER 13: Epilogue: Life After Chess
  • APPENDIX A: A Lad from Taiwan
  • APPENDIX B: Selected Game Scores
  • APPENDIX C: Further Reading
  • Index

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