Sigma Chess 6.1 with HIARCS 9.6 engine

Sigma Chess and Hiarcs announced Sigma Chess 6.1 with HIARCS 9.6 engine for Mac OS X.

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  1. Malcolm Says:

    Sigma Chess 6.1 with HIARCS 9.6 engine:
    Is the strongest Chess program in the World for the rest of us. Much stronger than Window software.
    PGN: It uses PGN for game downloads. With the full product (Shareware), at a much lower price than Chessmaster 9000
    You can create files with unlimited Game collections.
    HIARCS 9.6 is a separate company. The free version has limited strength. The program is in the UCI Linux Code.
    With the full product you get support from the company. Usually the company responds within hours.
    SigmaChess lists other sites where you can download collections. There is also

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