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Computer Chess Programming » Blog Archive » Advances in Computer Chess 4

Advances in Computer Chess 4

Proceedings of the International Conference, Brunel University, UK, 1984.

D.F. Beal (editor)
Advances in Computer Chess 4
Pergamon Press, 1986
ISBN 0-08-029763-3

Table of contents

  • Towards a knowledge accelerator, D Michie
  • Cray Blitz, R M Hyatt, A E Gower, H L Nelson
  • Deriving correct pattern descriptions and rules for the KRK endgame by deductive methods, R Seidel
  • Multiprocessor tree-search experiments, T A Marsland, M Olafsson, J Schaeffer
  • Artificial stupidity, W R Hartston
  • Experiments in chess cognition, D Kopec, M Newborn, W Yu
  • Problem solving: the present and possibilities for development, L Lindner
  • Presence and absence of pathology on game trees, G Schrüfer
  • Detection of positional patterns in chess, I Bratko, P Tancig, S Tancig
  • N.N.: a case study in chess knowledge representation, B Owsnicki, K von Luck
  • A self-commenting facility for inductively synthesised endgame expertise, A Shapiro, D Michie
  • Computer chess at Carnegie-Mellon University, H J Berliner
  • Chess master versus computer, D N Levy

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