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Computer Chess Programming » Blog Archive » Advances in Computer Chess 5

Advances in Computer Chess 5

D.F. Beal (editor)
Advances in Computer Chess 5
Elsevier Science Publishing, 1989
ISBN 0-444-87159-4

Table of contents

  • Some Special Benefits of Advances in Computer Chess (Keynote Address), A.D. de Groot
  • Measuring the Performance Potential of Chess Programs, H. Berliner et al.
  • An Incremental Negamax Algorithm, I. Althöfer
  • Reasoning with Uncertainty in Computer Chess, H. Horacek
  • Experiments with the Null Move, D.F. Beal
  • Weight Assessment in Evaluation Functions, M. v.d. Meulen
  • Notions of Evaluation Functions Tested Against Grandmaster Games, D. Hartmann
  • A Model of Chess Knowledge – Planning Structures and Constituent Analysis, R. Seidel
  • Towards a Theory of Knowledge, H. Kaindl
  • Interactive Solution of King and Pawn Endings, A.N. Walker
  • Conspiracy Numbers, J. Schaeffer
  • A Knowledge-Based System and a Development Interface for the Middle Game in Chess, P. Ciancarini, M. Gaspari
  • Performance Improvements in Problem-Solving Programs since 1984, L. Lindner
  • Generalized Minimax Algorithms Are No Better Error Correctors than Minimax Itself, I. Althöfer
  • Some Innovations Introduced by Hitech, H. Berliner
  • Perfect Knowledge and Beyond, S.T. Dekker, H.J. v.d. Herik, I.S. Herschberg
  • Efficient Pattern Recognition in Large Game Trees, R.W.G. Hünen

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