Computer Chess Programming Thu, 13 Nov 2008 20:27:19 +0000 en 15th World Computer Chess Championship The 15th World Computer Chess Championship has been held from 11-18 june in Amsterdam. It was won by Rybka. Complete results are in the following table. Pos Score Program Opponent 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 10.0 Rybka X = ... /2007/07/03/15th-world-computer-chess-championship/ Excalibur Grandmaster Review The Excalibur Grandmaster is an example of a great chess computer that feel great and peforms like Kasparov on steroids. The feel of the thing – the size of the thing – and the weighted full size pieces are it’s strengths. We’ll come to the weaknesses in a moment. After ... /2007/06/06/excalibur-grandmaster-review/ Computer Chess World Championship in Amsterdam The 15th world computer chess championship will be held in the Science Park in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from June 11th until June 18th. Shredder will compete trying to win his 12th computer chess world champion title. All games of Shredder will be transmitted live on /2007/05/31/computer-chess-world-championship-in-amsterdam/ Sigma Chess 6.1.4 HIARCS 11 Hiarcs announced a new version of Sigma Chess with HIARCS 11. /2007/04/12/sigma-chess-614-hiarcs-11/ Chess Diagrams A list of programs and scripts for generating chess diagrams. /2005/12/05/chess-diagrams/ Scalable Search in Computer Chess Scalable Search in Computer Chess: Algorithmic Enhancements and Experiments at High Search Depths The book presents new results of computer-chess research in the areas of selective forward pruning, the efficient application of game-theoretical knowledge, and the behavior of the search at increasing depths. It shows how to make sophisticated game-tree searchers ... /2005/08/29/scalable-search-in-computer-chess/ Advances in Computer Chess 5 D.F. Beal (editor) Advances in Computer Chess 5 Elsevier Science Publishing, 1989 ISBN 0-444-87159-4 Table of contents Some Special Benefits of Advances in Computer Chess (Keynote Address), A.D. de Groot Measuring the Performance Potential of Chess Programs, H. Berliner et al. An Incremental Negamax Algorithm, I. Althöfer Reasoning with Uncertainty in Computer Chess, H. Horacek Experiments with ... /2005/08/25/advances-in-computer-chess-5/ Advances in Computer Chess 4 Proceedings of the International Conference, Brunel University, UK, 1984. D.F. Beal (editor) Advances in Computer Chess 4 Pergamon Press, 1986 ISBN 0-08-029763-3 Table of contents Towards a knowledge accelerator, D Michie Cray Blitz, R M Hyatt, A E Gower, H L Nelson Deriving correct pattern descriptions and rules for the KRK endgame by deductive methods, R Seidel Multiprocessor tree-search ... /2005/08/25/advances-in-computer-chess-4/ ExaChess 3.1.3 Exachess is a chess-database program for the Macintosh that can be used to store collections of chess games or to play games with with several chess-engines. There is a free Lite version and a paid Pro version. /2005/06/15/exachess-313/ Vektor3 Chess 3.2.2 Vektor3 Chess is a chess program for the Mac with features that include a customizable chessboard with multiple piece sets, multiple documents, multithreading, support for variations, annotation editor with text styles, move annotations and diagrams, several playing levels, opening book, game analysis, position editor, PGN import and export, HTML export, ... /2005/03/15/vektor3-chess-322/