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Last modified: 11 Jan 1997

Enhanced for Lynx

The Enhanced for Lynx logo on my pages is a protest against the Enhanced for Xyzzy and Download Xyzzy logos that start to appear on so many web pages these days. Often these logos mean that the page is not readable by other browsers.

The major problem I encounter is the use of frames as introduced in netscape 2.0. Many frame enhanced pages are not readable by other browsers than netscape 2.0 or higher, often without warning and without offering an alternative. Even when using netscape 2.0+ the added value of frames is disputable; they take up screen estate, leave less room for the actual page, and tend to catch other pages not meant for framing in a frame. The nuisance value to me is very high.

Lynx can be retrieved from http://www.wfbr.edu/dir/lynx/ . Other Lynx Enhanced pages can be found at http://www.nyu.edu/pages/wsn/subir/lynx.html .

Another similar initiative is the Hammered with UW pico logo. Where is the This page has been created with vim and the Download vim logo ???

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